Split System Installations

Residential Servicing, Diagnostics and Repairs

21 Celsius Spring Residential Rates

Service Description Rate (inc GST)
Service/Diagnosis of any appliance (single story – up to 1 hour on site) # $195
Service/Diagnosis of any appliance (double story – 2 techs & safety gear) ## $255
Additional time on site (per 15min or part thereof) $30
Each additional appliance Service/Diagnosis (during same visit) ### $110
Service of Hydronic Heating system (inc. rust inhibitor) $255


# Includes any Heating, Cooling or Gas appliance on a Residential premises (i.e Gas Ducted Heater, Split System A/C, Hydronic Boiler, Hot Water System, Wall Furnace, etc)
## Includes any appliance as above with 2 technicians and safety gear up to 1 hour on site. Additional time at $30 per 15 minutes or part thereof.
### Discounted rate for any additional appliances serviced or diagnosed during initial call out visit.

Residential Split System Installations

Twenty One Celsius are proud to offer their residential customers some amazing prices on split system installations. All systems are reverse cycle, inverter and capable of heating and cooling.

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 Back to Back installation of a split system in your home.

  • Choose your preferred brand (Daikin, Mitsubishi or Panasonic).
  • 5 year warranty on air conditioner & 6 year warranty on labour.
  • No sub-contractors! We only use our own directly employed, fully qualified, licenced and insured tradesmen.
  • Back to back or changeover installation. *
  • Includes all electrical and plumbing certificates. **
  • External colorbond capping in your choice of color.
  • All prices INCLUDE GST.
  • 50% deposit required. Balance on completion.
  • Credit card payments attract no additional fees.
  • All EER (Energy Efficiency Ratings) are listed below. The higher this score is the more efficient the system is.

Fully installed changeover or back to back

Mitsubishi Electric split system brochure

MSZ-GE Series Inverter – R410

2.2kw – $1795 MSZ-GE22 EER 4.88
2.5kw – $1815 MSZ-GE25 EER 4.9
3.5kw – $1995 MSZ-GE35 EER 4.07
4.2kw – $2208 MSZ-GE42 EER 4.21
5.0kw – $2395 MSZ-GE50 EER 3.87
6.0kw – $2593 MSZ-GE60 EER 3.66
7.1kw – $3395 MSZ-GE71 EER 3.41
8.0kw$3830 MSZ-GE80 EER 3.41




Panasonic Split System Product Brochure

E Inverter Series (More control options & ECONAVI function)

2.5kw – $1620 CS/CU-E9PKR EER 4.73
3.5kw – $1760 CS/CU-E12PKR EER 4.22
5.0kw – $2240 CS/CU-E18PKR EER 3.85
6.0kw – $2395 CS/CU-E21PKR EER 3.5
7.1kw – $2470 CS/CU-E24PKR EER 3.32
8.0kw – $2950 CS/CU-E28PKR EER 3.35




Fully installed changeover or back to back

Actron Split System Product Brochure

Aurora Inverter Series

2.6kw – $1575 SWB26 EER 3.88
3.6kw – $1735 SWB36 EER 3.83
5.2kw – $2025 SWB52 EER 3.21
7.0kw – $2240 SWB70 EER 3.14
8.2kw – $2505 SWB82 EER 3.18



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 Additional Information

Q. How do I size my room?

A. An easy way to size a room for air conditioning is to multiply the length (L) by the width (W) by the height (H) by a factor (F) of 50.

5.4m(L) x 8.5m(W) x 2.7m(H) x 50(F) = 6196.5 watts (w) divided by 1000 = 6.2 kilowatts (kw)
This installation above would require 6.2kw of cooling.

Please ensure you let us know your room measurements or your cooling capacity required.
Undersizing or oversizing of an air conditioning system is strongly discouraged.
If you require assistance to size your room to be cooled we will happily assist via email or call us on 03 8685 9736 to book a free quotation visit.

* A back to back installation is one where the Indoor Unit (hung up high on the wall) is located directly behind the Outdoor Unit (mounted on the ground or on a wall bracket). If this installation would not be suitable for your requirements please contact us for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION in house quote. Typically you would expect to pay an additional $200-$400 for installations requiring additional measures.

A changeover installation is one where we remove the existing system and install a new one. This includes removal and disposal of the existing system, as well as all electrical modifications for the new system.

** Some houses may legally require a switch board upgrade. A photo of your switch board will be requested before any work is carried out so that we can determine if a switch board upgrade is required. If your switch board still has older ceramic and wire fuses it may require an upgrade. A switch board upgrade typically costs between $200-$900. We will be upfront and honest regarding your switch board and do our best to avoid any additional costs to you.

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