Hydronic Heating

Melbourne’s Hydronic Heating Experts

With many years of experience installing and servicing hydronic heating for Melbourne families, 21 Celsius are a superb choice to carry out your hydronic requirements.

We will design, consult, install and commission your hydronic system while ensuring you gain the highest possible efficiency and your family experiences the best heating available.

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Hydronic Heating generally involves no forced air drafts, so it is perfect for allergy sufferers. The heat that hydronic panel, slab and trench heating delivers is un-matched in terms pleasant warmth, ease of use, cleanliness and silence. There are countless options for panel design and size, zoning, temperature control and aesthetics.

Hydronic Heating is also an incredibly efficient way to heat your home when designed and installed correctly. A high efficiency boiler maintains a constant water temperature and is able to regulate is gas usage as your home reaches temperature. This means lower operating costs.

21 Celsius use Immergas and Bosch high efficiency boilers, the highest quality Uponor piping and Giacomini fittings.

Hydronic Panels

21 Celsius use De Longhi and Bosch pressed steel panels. Both manufacturers have an incredibly solid track record for reliability and are backed by a 25 year warranty. Our clients also have the option to install designer style panels as a feature. There are hundreds of designs and sizes to choose from and we can supply and install whichever type you prefer.

Towel Rails

Hydronic Towel Rails are a great option for bathrooms as they will not only heat the space, they will also ensure your towels are toasty when required. Most towel rails are made from copper tube ensuring the best possible heat transfer and efficiency. There are many different designs in towel rails and towel shelves.

Slab Heating

Slab Heating is a great way to heat your home, your toes and is invisible. Slab Heating can also be zoned via a manual or electronic controller meaning you only need to heat the areas required. Slab Heating can be coupled with other forms of hydronic heating and is a great option for ground floor areas.

Trench Heating

Trench Heating means you can have a source of heating in front of your large sliding doors and along large windows, putting up an additional barrier between you and the cold outside. Trench Heating is also very stylish, can be walked over, and is entirely silent.